Acrobat Pro 9 Online PDF Printing Issue in IE10 and IE11 Web Browsers

This problem may or may not be specific to Windows 7.  In this case, Windows 7 embedded is installed on an HP T620 thin client.  The user logs in to a web application using Internet Explorer 10 and Internet Explorer 11.  On the web application, the user has access to PDF files that open in the IE browser.  When trying to print a PDF from IE10  or IE11 web browser, the Printer dialog box appears corrupt and is unresponsive.

A workaround is to open Adobe Acrobat Pro > Edit > Preferences > Internet and uncheck Display PDF in browser. This will load the online PDF in Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 instead of the IE10/ IE11 web browser.  However, if the user needs to interact with the PDF form in other ways other than just printing, such as signing the form with a signature pad or submitting it online, this workaround will have disabled that functionality.  In that case, upgrading to a more recent version of Adobe Acrobat Pro will be required to fix the Acrobat Pro 9 online PDF Printing issue in IE10 and IE11 web browsers.

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