HP P3015 Laserjet Replace Fuser – Fix Processing Job – Fix Ink Marks

There are two symptoms that may result from a bad fuser on an HP P3015 Laserjet printer.  Consider replacing the fuser on an HP P3015 Laserjet printer if it gets hung up on a message that reads “Processing Job” or if there are black ink marks on the paper.


HP P3015 Fuser/ Maintenance Kit

The paper prints out with black ink marks. 

There are no visible signs of residual ink or it has been cleaned.  These black ink marks get worse over time and don’t go away.  The black ink marks are due to a bad fuser sleeve that has been worn or is damaged.  If you want to save some money it is possible to replace just the fuser sleeve rather than the whole fuser but this will require more work on your part.

The following video explains how to replace a bad fuser sleeve step by step.  It is for a different model printer but the process is almost the same.


“Processing job…” message appears on display panel and printer hangs.

Another symptom that may result from a bad fuser on an HP P3015 Laserjet printer is if the printer hangs while printing and the message “Processing job…” can be seen on the display panel.  Power cycling the printer will usually allow it to print again for a little while until it does it again.  The issue is due to the fuser not heating up properly. Powering the printer off for a few minutes might make it work for a while but it will get worse over time.   The following video shows step by step how  to remove and install a fuser on an HP P3015 Lasterjet printer.


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