Citrix XenApp StoreFront – Disable Reciever Client Check and Download

Being on Citrix XenApp StoreFront 2.6 is better than the previous XenApp 5.0 Web Interface.  The user interface is cleaner; it has a professional look and feel.

StoreFront checks for Receiver client upon first visiting the Site.  Our clients were using Receiver 4.3 to launch applications and the Chrome browser to access the site.  The problem was that Citrix XenApp StoreFront prompted the user to Install the client software rather than going straight to the login page.

Although not a big issue for technically savvy users, our less technically advanced staff would click Install rather than Logon causing a huge spike in our bandwidth starved environment even while receiver was already installed on the client.  The data bottleneck that resulted from multiple unnecessary downloads caused session errors for other users already logged in.  In addition to that, it affected VOIP communications and quite possibly, caused our main router to crash a few times (outdated firmware).

Fortunately, we were able to disable client detection / download in Citrix Storefront by following the steps outlined here except for executing the IISRESET command.  For some reason that was not necessary in our case and changes took effect immediately.  I took the precaution of backing up the file first.

StoreFront – Disabling Client Detection
Disabling Client Detection

This article provides the steps to disable client detection on a Citrix StoreFront web site by performing the following steps.

Logon to the StoreFront Server as an administrative account
Open Windows Explorer and navigate to thec:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\{Your StoreFront Site Name}Web

E.G. c:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\My-App-StoreWeb

Edit the web.config file on Notepad
Search for the line :-

<pluginAssistant enabled=”true” upgradeAltLogin=”true”/>

Change the <pluginAssistant enabled=”true” to <pluginAssistant enabled=”false”

Save and Exit the web.config file
Open a Command Prompt and execute IISRESET to restart the World Wide Web Service

Repeat the steps above on all StoreFront Servers in the Server Group

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