Mikrotik The Dude is Dead – The Dude Network Monitoring/ Mapping Backup and Recovery

Organizations everywhere have been using Mikrotik The Dude server and client for network monitoring.  It is very inexpensive…as a matter of fact, it is free to use.  One such organization had been running The Dude Server and Client for over five years on a rinky dink laptop that took its last breath shortly after a power outage corrupted the hard drive.  So yes, Mikrotik The Dude was pronounced dead at the scene.  Fortunately, a very astute and capable young fellow was able to save The Dude from an untimely death by means of a backup and and recovery.

Even while the previous laptop running Mikrotik The Dude server and client had critical system disk failure, it was possible to access the HDD and run ChkDsk and Defrag by using Hirens Boot CD/ USB.  Hirens BootCD is a very dearly beloved tool that lets you run Win XP directly off of the CD or, in my case, a USB for the purpose of troubleshooting, recovering, etc.  This bought just the right amount of time to log in one last time to the laptop and launch The Dude to Export the running configuration and database as explained in this here article.

The Dude backup and recovery efforts consisted of exporting a backup .tgz file and importing it back to a new installation of The Dude that is now running on a new Windows 10 machine.  It is important to note that The Dude version is important to backup and recovery efforts.  Initial recovery attempts failed due downloading the wrong version of The Dude sever and client.  Mikrotik’s download page does not include the version of The Dude server and client that was running on the laptop.  The newest versions of The Dude don’t even run on a Windows PC anymore.  Thus, The Dude version 3.6 which includes both server and client was downloaded from Tom’s Hardware.

The Dude version 3.6, however, also proved to be the wrong version when attempting to recover from the backup that was exported because, as it turns out, The Dude version running on the failed laptop was version 4.0 Beta 3.  Fortunately, The Dude 4.0 Beta 3 was available for download from MajorGeeks.

To update The Dude from 3.6 to 4 Beta 3 it was necessary to stop the server from running as the installation got hung and required a reboot.  After the reboot the The Dude version 4 Beta 3 installed with no problems.  Soon thereafter, the previously exported backup.tgz file was successfully imported and The Dude came back to life in Windows 10.  The happiness that resulted thereof was short lived however as the Local Network Map immediately went from a Green status to Red.  Upon inspecting Device services, the Ping service showed Local Problem.  In short, running Ping command from The Dude application failed and running a ping command from the Windows 10 host to the same IP succeeded.  Disabling the Windows Firewall did not help.  Changing the Network Profile from Public to Domain or Private did not help.  Changing the host IP did not help.

Ultimately, this post on the Mikrotik Forum deals with exactly the same problem encountered after The Dude Export/ Import recovery.

Why i cant ping anyting in my network?! (in Dude 4.0)

I am experiencing the same problem with 4.0beta2.
Every “ping” is failing, with the cryptic message “local problem”. However, command line ping works fine.

I installed the 4.0beta2 on a system that has not had The Dude – running Windows Server 2008R2.
I imported the settings from 3.6 on a different system (though I don’t think that is relevant).

The following shows The Dude error:

ping - local problem.jpg
This is “ping” failing from the Dude.
ping – local problem.jpg (32.87 KiB) Viewed 24543 times

The following shows command line ping (to the same device) working:

cmd ping - works.jpg
This is command line ping working.
cmd ping – works.jpg (23.14 KiB) Viewed 24543 times

Just to be clear:

  • the account has admin privileges.
  • the problem occurs even with the Windows Firewall turned off.
  • a protocol trace shows that no ICMP messages are emanating from the server, *except* when command line ping is used.

I cannot find any explanation for the error “local problem” and thus I have no idea how to fix the problem.


The solution to The Dude Ping “Local Problem” issue was posted as an alternative to disabling UAC; note that after UAC was disabled in Windows 10, the issue remained.  The alternative ended up being the solution:


I may have answered my own question. There is an alternative to disabling UAC completely.

If I locate the executable (c:\Program Files (x86)\Dude\dude.exe),
right mouse
select Properties
click on the Compatibility tab
then check the “Run this program as an administrator”
once I restart The Dude (client and server – perhaps after a reboot?) it is able to Ping devices without getting “Local Error” any more

So Mikrotik The Dude is once again live and well in it’s new Windows 10 home and all is Green…for now 🙂

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