XenApp 7.6 Legacy ICA Support Wyse VX0 / V10L

Wouldn’t it be great if you could support your old Wyse VX0 / V10L after migrating to Citrix XenApp 7.6?  I was always under the impression that I would need to replace my Wyse VX0 clients with Windows Embedded thin clients in order to have my users connect to our newly created XenApp 7.6 site.  As it turns out, you can connect your legacy Wyse VX0 thin clients to XenApp 7.6 after all.

The key to accomplishing this incredible feat was the PNAgent Lite server settings on the Wyse VX0.  PNAgent Lite settings are located when clicking on Desktop – System Setup – Network in the Servers tab.

The PNAgent/ Lite Servers: setting should be populated with the StoreFront URL using the FQDN (see example below):


XenApp 7.6 / PNAgent Lite Servers

Upon reboot, the user will be prompted for credentials.  Once authenticated the user will have access whatever Apps he/she is authorized to use.

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