Install and Run Instagram on PC with Bluestacks App Player

Today I had the pleasure of doing something exciting and out of the ordinary.  You can now Install and Run Instagram on a PC – I successfully installed Instagram on Windows 10 PC and here is how I did it.

For a while now I have had an account on Instagram, except that I uninstalled the app from my phone a long time ago so the Instagram account remained dormant for some time, until today when I was looking into installing Instagram on my Windows 10 PC.

I was getting back in touch with my old and forgotten social media accounts and thought, wouldn’t it be cool if I could use Instagram on my Windows 10 PC?  I had played with the idea about a year or two ago.  That is when I learned that you could now access the account from a PC through the web browser, but it lacked all the functionality and fun features of using the Instagram app on a mobile device.

This time around and with little effort I came across Bluestacks  App Player.  It is emulation software that enables your PC to emulate (fancy word for pretend) a mobile device such as an Android phone or tablet.  And so yes, it allows you to run Instagram on a PC; as a matter of fact, it will allow you to run just about any other app that you would normally install on an Android mobile device.

After doing a bit of research on Bluestacks App Player to make sure it was legit and not some kind of trojan or spyware/malware.  I decided to give it whirl.  The Bluestacks App Player emulation software is over 300mb in size.

During the installation of Bluestacks App Player I was asked to install .net 3.5 which failed on my PC with an error, and I was allowed to skip that step with a warning that the application might not work properly.  I get prompted to install .net 3.5 every time I launch the emulation software; I’ll look into that later as it did not prevent me from using Instagram on my PC.

After Bluestacks App Player installed I launched the application and was prompted to log in with either Facebook or my Google account.  I opted to log in with my Google account and was surprised at how intuitive everything is.  Grant it I’m rather tech savvy but I doubt anyone that is good with a tablet will have a hard time getting the hang of it.

Once I logged in with my Google account I had access to the Google Play Store from which I downloaded Instagram to the newly emulated tablet.  And if you have used Instagram before, you know what to expect from that point on as far as Instagram goes.


I was able to expand the view and it took over my whole monitor; it felt very tablet-like.  I quickly started to update my Instagram profile and even managed to make two new posts in Instagram, from my Windows 10 PC!

You will find that most settings are what you would find on an Android tablet or phone.  You can post on Instagram your pictures from the Google Photos gallery and albums.   I still have to figure out how to post pictures stored on the PC without having to upload them to Google first, but I’ll get there.

And that is how I manged to install and run Instagram on my Windows 10 PC.  Download Instagram on PC here and give it a try.


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