Xenapp 5.0 to Xenapp 7.6 Upgrade / Migration Part 2

This is a follow-up to Xenapp 5.0 to Xenapp 7.6 Upgrade / Migration Part 1.

In the scenario explained in Part 1, we already have a functioning XenApp 5.0 Farm and are moving to XenApp 7.6.  The XenApp 5.0 Farm already has a License Server.  The old License Server in the Farm will not be able to service the new XenApp 7.6 Site because it is an older version.

There are two options when upgrading from Xenapp 5.0 to Xenapp 7.6 in regards to licensing.

  1. You can install a brand new License Server
  2. You can upgrade the old License Server

The second option will not be recommended for our scenario since our Xenapp 5.0 License Server is installed on a XenApp server that is also delivering published desktops to users.  Additionally, it is running on Server 2008 and we want our entire Citrix XenApp 7.6 site to be on Server 2012.  It is possible to upgrade the old License server and leave it on the Server 2008 platform and uninstall all other XenApp 5.0 components but we would like a fresh new install 🙂

Installing a new License Server will not invalidate your old 5.0 Farm License Server so breath easy.  What’s more, the newer License Server version installed with XenApp 7.6 is backwards compatible, meaning that you can point both your Xenapp 7.6 Site and your old Xenapp 5.0 Farm to the same License Server; this is what is recommended as to not infringe on the license agreement.

Once you know which server will be the License Server, you can go to your Citrix account to activate and allocate or reallocate your licenses to the new server using the server host name.  After doing so, the files needing to be imported to the new License Server will be available for download.  All the while, your old License Server is functioning as normal.

You will now have to install the License Server component on the server to which you have allocated the license files.  One thing to keep in mind is that you must install Remote Desktop Services through the Add Server Roles and Features prior to installing the License Server.  Citrix has done an awesome job of adding server roles and features for you during the installation of all other XenApp 7.6 components with the exception of the License Server.  The following video shows how to install Xenapp 7.6 License Server step by step.

After installing the License Server from the XenApp 7.6 installation disc you will need to import license files (downloaded previously from Citrix) through the License Administration Console and select Overwrite License File on License Server.  The LAC login will be the Domain Admin credentials.  After importing, clicking on Reread License Files should make them show up in Dashboard.  For detailed instructions you can Google How to Add Allocated Licenses to the License Administration Console.  The official Citrix support article will walk you through it step by step.

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