XenApp 5.0 to Xenapp 7.6 Upgrade / Migration Part 1

As far as I know, a simple XenApp 5.0 to XenApp 7.6 upgrade/ migration is not possible; it requires starting a new farm/ site from scratch (the words farm and site will be used interchangeably as they refer to the same general concept).

It might be possible to upgrade to XenApp 7.6 from a newer release of XenApp such as 6.5 but this post relates specifically to moving from XenApp 5.0 to Xenapp 7.6.

Consider the following scenario:

Company XYZ has a XenApp 5.0 Farm to provide users with published desktops.  The plan is to build another Citrix Farm using Xenapp 7.6 that will be running in the same Domain as the current 5.0 Farm and to slowly transition all users to the new farm.

Should we be concerned about any conflicts that may rise due to having two separate Citrix Farms on two different Xenapp versions running side by side on the same Domain?  The answer is no.  Both can co-exist.

Assuming the Domain Controller/s, File Server/s, and Print Server/s are already in production, we start by understanding what other infrastructure must be in place for a simple Xenapp 7.6 deployment.

The 7.6 Farm will be composed of the following:

  • Delivery Controller
  • SQL Express
  • License Server
  • StoreFront
  • XenApp Worker/s (Virtual Deliver Agent)

Both Farms will share the following:

  • Domain Controller
  • File Server
  • Print Server

On the 5.0 Farm, Citrix Profile Management 3.2.2 and document redirection are configured through Group Policy.

On the new 7.6 Site, Citrix Profile Management can be configured using Citrix Policies or Group Policy.  In this scenario, Group Policy is already applied but as a best practice, user profiles for the new 7.6 site should be kept in a separate share than those of the old 5.0 Farm.

The Citrix 5.0 Farm is running on Server 2008 while the XenApp 7.6 Site will be installed on Server 2012 R2.