Netvanta 7100 R11.4 Adtran/Polycom SoundPoint IP Phone Configs Error

Continued from previous post…

As it turns out, the issue with Polycom SoundPoint IP Phone Configs error was due to a new feature in AOS 10.8 and above.  The 7100 can now be configured with multiple SIP application and BootRom for Polycom SoundPoint IP phones.  Since this setting was not available before the upgrade, nothing was configured on my Netvanta 7100.  It was causing my IP Phone Configs files to appear as deprecated and in orange.  When editing IP Phone Configs and selecting a new phone model from the list, the phone became unbootable because the current sip.ld and bootrom.ld version on the phones were not selected under IP Phone Globals – Boot Settings – Polycom Default Firmware.  A great deal of hours and multiple 16oz cups of coffee later I see the light.


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